8th Grade Survey Q4 VIDEO ONLY OPTION

You can stick to the REGULAR 8th GRade SURVEY CURRICULUM or choose from the 2 options below


Option A: Need 4 students to work on GRADUATION VIDEO

Use the CHECKLIST to assign responsibilities to your group.

Download Option A as a PDF email-2-fax-how-to-pdfdownload

Photographer (2)


Locate students on your list. Find out where they are (PE, Art, Music, or STEM) take photos.
iPhoto /Final Cut Person(1-2)


When photographer gets back, import all the photos into iphoto. Preferably, put in album in iphoto. Backup is essential!

  1. IMPORT into iphoto
  2. drag pics to desktop.
  3. From desktop, drag into your PROJECT

           in FINAL CUT

4. Check off list in FINAL CUT columns

Archive Person (2)


Go through the Elm Place youtube page.

Locate videos

Download using keepvid.com

Drag into Final Cut

Trim-blade and keep only what you want.
2014-15 (7th Grade)
2013-14 (6th Grade)

Person on DAY OFF


Take a break? You can opt out and do any of the FREE ENGAGEMENTS today
CMA Engagement List

When you are FINISHED, export Final Cut

Directions HERE


Option B: Make a movie acting out each of the PBIS Rules (Below)

Examples from past years:

Following the Rules2014

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 8.19.21 PM

PBIS Information2015


Download PBIS Rules as a PDF email-2-fax-how-to-pdfdownload

Settings Be Safe Be Respectful Be Responsible
All Settings
– Follow school rules
– Report issues to adults
– Keep hands, feet, and objects to self
– Respect personal space
– Listen to the directions of all school staff
– Be polite in words and actions
– Use school appropriate language
– Abide by school dress code
– Be prepared. All materials and work   
 ready and on-time
– Think proactively
– Cell phones off and in hallway lockers
(unless specified by an adult for a specific
  learning task)
– Maintain academic honesty


– Wash hands
– Flush Toilet
– Dispose of garbage appropriately
– Level 2 voices
– Use yellow pass
– Be prompt and return to class quickly
Locker Room


– Lock your locker
– Place all belongings in your locker
– Keep combination to yourself
– Pick up your area (clothes, paper, etc.)
– Use only areas that are specified
 (bathrooms, locker areas)
– Enter and exit through the proper doors
– Level 2 voices
– Wash and return uniforms over weekend
– Have proper footwear and warm clothes  
 as an option
– Use your own uniform
– Water bottles only (no food)
Hallway/ Lockers


– Walk at all times
– Stay to the right
– Lock your locker
– Only use hands on rails
– Maintain a clean locker/locker area
– Dispose of trash in the proper receptacle
– Level 2 voices
– Be on-time to class
– Use yellow pass


– Find a seat quickly
– Remain in your seat
– Stay seated until dismissed
– Use trash cans
– Practice good manners
– Level 2 voices in lunchroom
– Level 3 voices during recess
– Report to lunch on time or with a pass
– Clean your area
– Use microwave appropriately
– Take turns sweeping and cleaning tables
– Dress for the weather


– Stay seated
– Feet on floor
– Remain with class/teacher
– Walk at all times
– Enter/exit when instructed
– Use appropriate voice level
– Raise hand to share
– Participate appropriately
– Use active listening skills
Arrival/ Dismissal


– Walk at all times
– Enter and exit through appropriate doors
– Level 2 voice
– Be on time
– Be prepared for the school day
– Wait appropriately in designated area
– Utilize pass to leave designated area
Off Campus


– Stay with your group
– Be mindful of surroundings
– Follow rules of location
– Be appreciative
– Listen to directions and presentations
– Turn in required forms on time
– Participate appropriately


Option C: Choose any , a few, all , or select engagements from the CMA Engagement List


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