10 Things You Need to Know Before you Start

Things you NEED to know before you start!

  • All Projects are due on FRIDAY
  • If you finish early you may choose anything from the ENGAGEMENTS
    • All projects must be exported and put into your CMA Folder, shared with mkulbak@nssd112.org
  • All big projects such as cooking shows, that require time must be done on BLOCK DAY. You are responsible for bringing in supplies.
Only use of phones is if you:

    • Film at home and need to upload
    • You are using the Stop Motion App Studio
  • NO MUSIC.LY or anything like it!!!!!




Create Folder
Share with mkulbak@nssd112.org

uploading video
uploading photos to your Google Drive CMA Folder

Google Images

Making Folders

Logging into server


___________Learning Launcher

 #2 SD cards, tripods and cameras

SD card
How to wipe it clean


Take Photos and Videos
Create Album and upload into Photos

Day #4-6 Learn the Basics of Final Cut Pro

-creating new library
-creating new project
-creating new event
-locating your project
dragging from imovie

-change duration
-right click

-youtube music-downloading music videos


EXTRAS for iMovie and Final Cut:

Watch Annie the Girl Who Could Fly

Green Screen Help

iMovie Video Tutorials from Atomic Learning

iMovie easy written directions

 Day #4-6  Learn the Basics of Movie Making
(Final Cut )

Topic: How to video
Use photos and videos
  • File- New Library
  • File New Project
  • File New Event
  • Firefox Download Helper
  • How to download a video from youtube
  • How to insert video into Final Cut
  • How to download music and video from youtube
  • (youtubetomp3)
  • How to add titles
  • How to add music
  • How to make cuts (BLADE)
  • Green Screen
  • Picture in picture
  • Special Effects

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